Sunday, May 6, 2012

tumblr blog

I grew a bit tired of writing in this blog a while ago.  Probably because I wasn't tending to have any experiences I considered blog-worthy.  I might restart it again sometime, but I'm undecided right now.

Instead, I'm going to  start a tumblr blog that has pics and videos I have gotten off the internet.  None of these is mine and I believe them all to be in the public domain.

It will be at

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Fun Things to Do

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Thankful for Men I Like

Friday, November 25, 2011

College Football Veteran

On Thanksgiving night, I was horny and bored so I got on MH.  After the usual messing around, I was hit on by a hot black man who was formerly a football player with a major college team in the Southeast.  This stud is in the near suburbs, which I almost never visit, but I was horny for cock and he was prime beefcake.

I arrived at a big McMansion and rang the door bell.  His profile pictures were dated, but he was still hot.  He's handsome and stands about 6 foot 5 to my 5-9.  After we dispensed with the pleasantries, we went up to his bedroom and set off the fireworks.

The Stud was a huge guy with a thick 9 inch dick.  After some suck-face, he went to work munching my hole.  After a short bit of ass eating, he smeared some lube on my hole and put his bare cock up to my hole and pushed himself into me.  He filled me up like I haven't been filled by another man in quite a while.  We wrecked is bed as he fucked me for an hour in every position imaginable.  Finally, he grunted as he came in me.

Once he pulled his big cock out of me, my much smaller cock got hard and I asked him if he wanted to get fucked.  Imagine my surprise when he said he had never been fucked.  So I got on my back and he straddled me and painfully took my dick.  Finally, he couldn't stand the pain and discomfort, and he got off me.

He was hard again and fucked me again until he came.  We jumped in the shower and washed the cum and lube off each other.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Spunk Funk

In preparation for Thanksgiving, I took a day off yesterday.  I'm thankful for many things, including living in a city where there are tons of men I've never met or played with, who are also looking for meaningless sex.

I was on-line looking for cock, when I found a guy who I think is quite hot.  He is slim, with a beard, and he said he liked eating ass.

Since I came out, I really strive to be honest -- with myself and with others.  That said, nothing pisses me off quite like the aggressive and obnoxious UB2 crowd.  So much so, that when confronted by this, coupled with a lack of compassion, my honesty tends to go out the window.  I'm not trying to injure anyone or stealth them, or teach them some kind of demented lesson, mind you.  I just enjoy their apparent naivetĂ© that any gay dude is going to forgo sex whether or not they know their STD status or not.   I've also noted this type tends to self-identify as a  "nice guy"; and is the type that has set their sex-site browser set so you can't tell if they're looking at you until you get a message from them.

This guy turned out to be one of the UB2 guys.  
Me: Same, safe
Him: I don't fuck on the first meeting.
Me: No problem.  Looking to suck, get sucked.

As it turned out, he lives five minutes from me, so the plans were made and I showed up at his place at the appointed hour.  Overall, he was pretty sexy.  He had a nicely trimmed beard, as I do currently, which is nice for rimming.  We kissed for a bit then went to his bedroom and got naked.  We kissed, and sucked, and rimmed for about an hour.  He had nice tasting precum and I looked forward to getting his load in me one way or another.

He was sticking his fingers in my ass and asking me if I liked assplay.  I told him I did, so he played with me as I sucked his cock.  He was precumming copious amount, to the point I thought he had cum in my mouth.  But he had not.  

After a few minutes, he said, "Dude, if you keep sucking me like that, I'm gonna cum." So I picked up the pace and was rewarded in about two minutes with a mouth-full of cum.  I didn't spill a drop.  But this was funky-tasting cum.  Like he's eaten asparagus the night before.  

Ah well, a load is a load.  And I suspect he'll breed me before too long.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Men I Like

 Just because he's sex on two legs

One of my favorite positions

Love the forcefulness

What's not to like?

The ecstasy of a good anonymous blowjob

Saturday, November 12, 2011

USMC Baby Batter

As I write this, a whole two testicles full of sexy US Marine Corp cum is swimming deep in my hole looking for eggs to fertilize.  But I'm going to briefly digress.

Some cunt moved into the unit across the hall from mine.  Now, not to be misogynistic...I use the word "cunt" in the most admirable way.  Each night since she moved in, in the middle of the night, I get woken by her hot black boyfriend fucking her madly.  The bitch is a screamer, and who wouldn't be with that big prong of his opening her up wide every night?

So this afternoon, I am in my apartment doing chores, and it sounds like someone is decapitating a woman in the hallway.  I carefully open my door and, voila, all the ruckus is coming (literally) from across the hall.  This chick could wake the dead with her fuck-scream.  That man must be amazing (yes, I'm jealous).

Being surrounded by all this fucking made me horny, so I went for a run to get my mind off of cock.  When I returned, my mind was still on cock (surprised?).

So I got on MH and started looking.  Now, sometimes I can't answer all my emails, and then other days I can't get cock to save my life.  I thought today was going to be more of the latter, but it turned out OK.  

Earlier this year, I fucked a Marine while his BF was at work.  It was hot and he was very sexy and he couldn't get enough of my bare cock in his hole.  Then I didn't see him again ... until today.

He hit me up on MH and said wanted to fuck me but he didn't recognize me as having fucked him a while back.  So I went over to his new place.  He no longer lives with the boyfriend. In fact, he lied about us having played before (or maybe he just doesn't remember).  

We started to make out. And he unbuttoned my jeans and started to finger my hole.  I reached down and his jeans were already around his ankles and his thick cock was already at attention.  I bent over and started sucking him.  He forced my head down on his cock and I smelled his sweaty pubes.  He popped open the lube and greased up my hole then got behind me and pushed into me doggy style on the living room floor.  This guy fucked like a man who was on death row and looking for his last nutt. 

He fucked me hard and within three minutes of pushing his cock into me, he was unloading his baby-makers in me.  But he kept fucking for a while after he came.  Then he pulled out.  I pulled up my jeans and grabbed my shirt as he did the same.  

Hope we can fuck each other again sometime.